Enjoy a Mystery One-Shot with IN CLERIC'S CLOTHING

Alan Tucker has a new adventure for Dungeons & Dragons fans called In Cleric’s Clothing. The adventure is designed to be a bit of a mystery and intrigue mixed with monster fun for a fantastic one-shot adventure to enjoy this October. The adventure is designed for 3-6 level 4-6 characters who find themselves in the small, forgotten village of Herrin’s Wash. Will you be able to help the citizens or will they refuse help after some of the villagers go missing?

A creature known only as the "Beast of the Wash" is once again terrorizing the small, backwater town of Herrin's Wash after years of peace.

After the party begins their investigation, however, they may find the true menace to the citizens of Herrin's Wash is much more insidious and dangerous than a monster with fangs and claws.

You can purchase In Cleric’s Clothing from DMs Guild for $3.95.

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